Following the 1stHigh-Rise Steel Building Seminar, FUXIN handed with other ISI Building & Materials’ company members continued to host another first-ever “Steel Industry Forum” under the theme of “Putting Cambodia on World Steel Industry Map” on 11th May 2018 at the Hotel Sofitel Phnom Penh.

This full-day intensive forum brought together more than 300 personally leaders from government, research institutes, national and multinational companies and industry consultants, to debate, discuss and explore key innovative technologies, picking industry best practices and addressing the challenges in the steel industry generally and Cambodia especially. Several most influential key speakers were paneled in the intensive forum discussions, sharing their priceless experience and thought on the progress and challenges facing the development of the steel industry. At the discussion, the panelists were invited not only to share and examine Cambodia’s current development of steel industry, its value chain and the extent of steel utilization in supporting Cambodia’s construction and manufacturing sectors but also to look at the regional integration and development, the ASEAN steel industry development, likely impacting on the direction of Cambodia’s industry development.

FUXIN is proud to co-organize this very first steel industry forum in Cambodia