Our Approach To Design-build Is To Look For Projects That Have Opportunities For Utilizing Prefabricated Construction

Why Design & Build?

Design-Build saves time and money for the owner while providing the opportunity to achieve innovation because Design-build brings value engineering into the process. It brings together the project teams including the architects, contractors, designers, engineers, and specialty trade contractors at the early stage of the project to propose a best-valued solution, and to address issues of cost, schedule and constructability.

Why Prefab?

Prefabricated Construction is the practice of assembling a variety of components of a building at a manufacturing site and transporting those sub-assemblies to the construction site. There are many advantages that prefabricated construction for both owners and contractors.


Modular construction is believed to be energy efficient and sustainable construction because manufacturing in a controlled environment allows better planning, reduce waste and improve productivity.

Consistent Quality

Unlike on site-built structures that are dependent upon vary skill levels, prefabrication allows sub-assemblies built by an experienced crew in a weather-resistant factory with multiple quality checks through the entire process.

Financial Saving

Because the sub-assemblies are generally modular and repetitive, it allows for mass productions, which can help make the cost-competitive especially for large-scale projects.

Fast Tracking

Prefabrication could save more than haft of construction time due to better upfront planning, elimination of on-site weather factor, subcontractor’s scheduling delays.


With prefabrication construction, there are fewer risks associated with moisture, environmental hazards, and dirt, because most of the sub-assemblies are produced in a factory-controlled environment utilizing dry materials.

Approach & Focus

Because our strength and background are in design for manufacturing and prefabrication, our approach to design-build is to look for a project that has an opportunity for utilizing prefabricated construction. Therefore, we are very focused and look for projects and work with owners, who look for one-stop for design and construction solution, and who believe prefabrication is a way forward to sustainable construction.

Our Collaborators

Design-build project delivery requires various expertise to come together at a very early stage of the project. We actively build collaboration with architects, designers, consultants, contractors, and specialty trades who share the same values and beliefs.

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